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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PST

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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome laura republican powell jobs chair and co-founder of college track. >> thank you. good morning on behalf of the board, staff and students of college track it's my pleasure to welcome you to the bay center. it's an honor to have you here today and mayor lee welcome back. your support for the student is
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important. even though people talk about globaltion people are local and jobs are local. each of us each day can fix the neighborhood. real progress is credit place specific and - this concreteness is one of the benefits of college track. it lift up one student after another it looks after and supports individuals. it stands or falls on the local individual concrete attention.
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there is nothing global about it's on the difference even though we believe that other institutions like ours with help the world. slowly we partially we build out. we're great deal of that mayor lee has chosen to make his first state of the city address here. it sends a message for all student in san francisco. you know that this city's future don't understand on the education we provide for all our children. it's with great pleurisy introduce the mayor of the city of san francisco.
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good morning thank you laura republican for that kind introduction and thank you for opening your divorces to me this morning. i want to honor david and all your supervisors and to our two newest supervisors. mayor brown thank you for being here and taking the time to join us this morning. you have done so much in this county >> and since this is my first city address i'm hoping you'll cut me some slack if you chose to write about it in the
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newspapers. to the department heads and consistent leaders and education leaders to all of you who are online and thank you all of you for joining us this morning. and, of course, to my wonderful wife, mother and friend thank you for being here and pitting up with me for all these years >> a year ago i stood before i and score my term of office pledging to seize the year of the dragon to focus on jobs and to make bold decisions for your future. and to work together with all our stoifrz to put it lanely to get things done were when i took
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office your unemployment was really high. the redevelopment by the state was a potential death now for the housing and our taxes stopped the growth of our economy. we in this room and many of us working together took on the story changes for our city some of which have vexed for years >> years. i'm proud that together we through innovation and we foerjd our way ahead. to the city commissioners and to the department heads and to our
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friends in the business, labor you think non-profit and other communities who spent countless hours with us in negotiations and to the great people of san francisco who rewarded us with your support at ballet in san francisco thank you, very much. together we're putting san francisco back on the right track and building a solid foundation for all our residents. my fellow san francisco's we're living in a time of astonishing innovation and unlimited process we're driving that innovation
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and for or against the future right here right now not just for san francisco but for the whole world. within the lab of our technologies we're developing techniques will will save lives. to our market district we're providing the world with tools to live in the chewing print with 3-d or even topple dock - we're fashioned our food that bears the label of san francisco. a stamp yes.
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a stamp and mark of craft manship by consumers all around the world where we've got 26 cranes our own residents back on the work building san francisco with their skills and a whole lot of heart. and very soon a spectacular for a world-class concerts and event we've got a great stadium. our unemployment rate is down to 6.5 percent from 9.6 when i first took office that means
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thirty thousand more san franciscans back to work today. nearly 11 million square feet of office space was leased last year. we've got the first new commercial high-rise officials building breaking ground this spring were we passed the business tax reform and bonds to renew our parks and open spaces. for the first time we've got to balanced budget. our budget resources are growing. this summer we welcomed the first north cup race.
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our beloved giant swept the world series. and our baseballs champions but i like to say we're the champions. and in 6 days our incredible 49ers will take the field with the whole city behind them. my fellow san franciscans i would smut to you our city a vital and strong. this renewed strength of our city and the renewed confidence
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we're the best city in 2012. the newspapers called us the best place for parks urban parks in the united states and we're among - yeah. go for our parks >> and we're among the smartest cities and the most walkable cities. yes. and continuing the environmental marketplace under our prior mayor we're the green tech capital of north america and the number one for green jobs according to the best magazines
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and we're also rated highly for losing weight. in the case of san francisco i believe we're so burglarized. the progress of our city is no accident. indeed we're vital, we're strong city because of the fiscally responsible direction we've teen, deliberate choice we've made to attract people into our city. whether it's a reform of our
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housing or infrastructure on the significant challenges we've faced we put the people's priorities head of city hall. and on this course my fellow san franciscans i believe with all my heart we must continue were while these truths have never been self-evident we have to speak of our freedom. the same is our commit to continue the path of progress that we're on today. yet the worse of economic times are behind us we cannot relent to our commit with fiscal
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prudence with our taxpayers' money. we must not be distracted and retreat from making smart investments in our people in our neighborhood and in our infrastructure. i know that some maybe told me in better times to forsake the people's priorities toward their own selfish progress that's the wrong progress. it doesn't lead to better schools or satisfactory streets let's us instead work until the vitality to reach all people.
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san francisco must be the place of opportunity and hope for all. there are so many bright lights in san francisco but we'll not leave people behind. we will not abandon people in their home or turn a blind eye to those who need a home. i challenge all of us to reform and visit in the future to turn the big challenges before us to opportunities. once again the san francisco way to meet the challenges.
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now as you all know my focus this year has been helping you businesses create jobs. you may see the signs of economic i recovery all around us but at the heart is jobs. nothing in our lives strengthens our families like the dignity have a job or getting a paycheck. and in the non-public session terrors in just one year wife turn our city plans into action for our city. san franciscans are getting more it's not to work in this city.
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we have truly become the ending - innovation of the world. we have formed strong partnerships to give back to our city like code for america. and because of the choice we made together we have renewed confidence like rb and b to stay and grow in your city where we've even attracted others companies to pull up stakes and move to the - our area of san
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francisco. we found that for every job created in the tech center more additional jobs are created outside in the other areas. we're a board based foundation for our city to extend the recovery to all our residents. all our board of supervisors shares we're making things once again in san francisco. providing jobs once again for all people in our manufacturing sector. there the conspirator leadership of kate and her board and with the continued support of our workforce and development our job growth has out passed
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decades of decline were we're putting people back to work in literally 35 hundred other businesses companies like the local mattress company. 18 rabbits and so many other backers. we're creating jobs in our other cities. once again thank you governor neuson that you let us know we can create more jobs in the automobile industry. we're reducing pollution air.
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we're attacking more businesses people to join the green tech companies already in our city. and ten years later a working together is - the boy tech companies are calling san francisco home. through china s f we have attracted you 15 companies from china. we we're expanding public partnership to china and asia
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and othe and others companies >> our record 4 four and a half million passengers floosz san francisco airport in 2012 up 8 percent last year with more expected in this year 2013. >> that's why we have to work together for the center and the budgeted committee will be taking up this week and we'll be competing with alaska and others large cities for trade shows. yes. but our economic recovery or our economic progress is not just
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taking place to mission bay or our own downtown i can see it in our commercial corridors and commissioner kim knows that no where that our neighbors are more deserving to the makts place. not even two years ago we offered a break for our payroll tax for businesses who agents to move in and create more jobs. this area in downtown has resisted growth. the results in two years time
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have been great. room for 5 thousand seven hundred jobs and behold now we're seeing the wisdom of our hard choice. major companies that are growing choosing to move in our district even though there is no reduction in taxes. understand that these changes with those changes come tensions and i know we must deal with the serious exchanges that remain in public safety and street behavior. last friday the first class of our academy 43 new police officers will be hitting our
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streets. with 20 percent of them deployed out of the concern station when is responsible for patrolling six market. soon you will see no police officers in the neighborhood and community ambassadors and members of other safety agencies coming up the hub. our small end bayes's businesses the quiet engines who deserve every bit of support from city hall. that's why in 2012 he launched the initial to give small businesses help fill store
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fronts and incentives in every part of our city were we're seeing results who with the help of us opened up a new kitchen. or the other business owners who is helping to hire more veterans. and also last year the owners of happy bakery opened up their business after a horrible fire opened up again >> we should make it easier for
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businesses to open up in this city. it's why i was proud to sign supervisor - . i challenged my department heads and i urged my supervisors that will make small business people to come here. restaurants and our entire economy will benefit from the step we took together in 2012 many people said we couldn't reach consensus i say thank you
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john, thank you controller ben. and thank you city attorney dennis and treasurer. and thank you to the desire business community. thank you for your lisp and partisanship by replacing our gross receipt tax and now we must work together to develop this transparency. we must work together on the funds that we've raised for
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small businesses and economic development. and we're pitting thousands of san franciscans back to work on construction projects. and we're working and providing that san francisco of admission bay and the trans bay tower can coexist with chinatown and other quiet west side neighbors. infrastructure as most of you know is near and dear to my heart. i drafted our cities first blue print to up grade our infrastructure. and in the last two years we've
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got funds now for the water supply to be ready for the next earthquake. in the next few weeks i'll partner together with other supervisors to get the most vulnerable buildings to be retro if i had. the rebuilding of san francisco hospital the largest bond in our history is underway on time and on budget. and just last month we broke ground on the long beach library. next month in this very community will open to new bay


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